how we work


Many insurance companies are traditional.

Help us shake things up.

Our values and process allow us to care deeply about the products we build and the businesses we serve, while pushing technology forward.

[ values ]

We value independent thinking, execution, and personal ownership.


Independent Thinking

We value team members that have the confidence to take action and the focus and flexibility to solve problems.



We want to work with colleagues who prize getting to production over getting to perfection and measurable outcomes over sizeable outputs.



We want to work with colleagues who will be their own toughest critic and never blame others.


[ process ]

We are not uptight about process or methodology.

We believe in creating clear context around goals and giving talented people the freedom to achieve them.

Our best results come when we organize into small, autonomous  teams that work on one problem at a time.

(With regular breaks for ping pong.)

[ culture ]

At our core, we believe in fostering an exciting and enjoyable work place while consistently producing quality products that exceed our customers expectations. We believe in having that a balance of fun and professionalism; this helps create an innovative work place that allows us to thrive and produce real tech solutions that help to simplify the insurance landscape.

We partner with charities that align with our values. This allows team members help to make a difference in our community through charitable giving.

We prioritize team-building activities, (think Office Olympics, Virtual Happy Hours, Top Golf & Axe Throwing - just to name a few) and opportunities that allow our staff to develop both personally and professionally.

We also strive to provide learning opportunities through our internship program, providing college age talent the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the insure tech industry. Our supportive team plays a crucial role in ensuring that our interns are prepared to excel in their future careers. We provide our interns with extensive guidance and incorporate them into our dynamic and collaborative culture that enhances their internship experience. And we have a lot of fun in the process!

[ methodologies ]

Our team works within the Scaled Agile Framework methodologies (or SAFe). SAFe is a foundation for technology development centered around customers and organized around business value.

With this focus on business value and increased business engagement, development work is iterative and supported by automation testing and more rapid deployments.

Our objective is to transform our technology offering and enable the Berkley Operating Units we serve to be better positioned for growth at scale.

[ what we're reading ]

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